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by Lori Ewert -
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I just signed up for the program today. I was so very gung ho to get started. Although I have been diagnosed with several conditions, including fibromyalgia, my main two issues is myofacial pain from the back of my head down to the area between my shoulder blades. My other much more dibilitating issue is extreme pain in my tailbone area to the point I vomit from the severity of it whenever I lay down. It has been an undiagnosed problem for three years now but only this severe for 18 months. 

In the 30 minutes I spent online to register and read a bit of the introduction, it had my back on fire with the worst myofacial pain I have ever had. I can only sit for a maximum of 15 minutes and have to be on my feet about 20 out of every 24 hours. I was so discouraged today after realizing how difficult this is going to be for me to do this without it putting me in unbearable pain. Pain to the point I can’t concentrate on it because of the pain. Kind of ironic.......I’m in too much pain to try to get rid of it. 

Between the tailbone problem and the myofacial pain, I can’t find any position that doesn’t  majorly increase the pain.

Just needed to rant tonight I guess. Sorry my first post is so negative. Am looking forward ( somehow) to read the posts in here and God bless you all.  

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Re: too much pain to do program?

by Howard Schubiner -

Yes, it's so frustrating when there is so much pain!!

But others have done this; you can too.

Whenever your brain feels in any kind of danger, it will tend to ramp up pain. When you sit, your brain is telling you that sitting is "dangerous."

When you start to do this program, your brain is doing the same thing.

But these activities are NOT dangerous; and this is the goal to reassure your brain of this. As you gently go forward, just a little bit at a time, you can tell your brain that you're just going to sit for one minute now; and that it's fine; there is nothing physically wrong at all! And just breathe with that; just simply trying to reduce fear. You're not trying to get rid of pain. That is not the goal! You can't control your brain that way; but you can control how much fear you have about sitting for one minute.

As you gently soothe your scared brain, it will respond.

Does that help?

Best, Howard