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Nerve Pain and Golf

Re: Nerve Pain and Golf

by Matt Bartnick -
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I was pain free for about 10 days. Somewhere between the start of week three and week 4 of the program. I lifted heavy weights, played golf etc..No pain. About a week ago my low back locked up for 3 days then nerve pain in my leg for 3 days. And now, pain free again. It was just a test my brain presented me after getting back to my daily physical activities. I look at it like this, if i broke my wrist, my wrist would hurt for a 3 or 4 weeks and then heel and be fine right? I wouldn't break my wrist and have it hurt for a few days then all of a sudden my wrist would feel fine and then my shoulder would hurt for a few days. Injuries don't work like that. There's no logical reason to feel pain free, then have pain in a few different areas, then pain free again all within a week. It was quite the epiphany I had once I put it in those terms. Hope this helps you!