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Nerve Pain and Golf

Nerve Pain and Golf

by Matt Bartnick -
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Yesterday was a weird day for me. I'm in Florida for work and decided to bring my clubs. The past week has been a good one. Very little nerve pain in my leg/glute and zero back pain. I practiced a few times last week and while there was some nerve pain while swinging it was very minimal. Yesterday for some reason though the nerve pain really flared up while trying to practice. It was so annoying and I got very angry. I'm currently on week three of the program so I know it's early in the process but when you are relatively pain free for awhile and then the nerve pain comes back while doing the thing you love to do most, well, needless to say I was very frustrated. Also, Should I be stretching still? I used to be able to put my head against my knees but now I can barely get my hands below my knees without severe nerve pain in my left leg. I'm just going to keep woking the program because I know I have TMS but I just wanted to share this experience with you. Let me know if anyone has had a similar experience.

Have a great day!!

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Re: Nerve Pain and Golf

by Howard Schubiner -

Hey Matt.

This almost always happens in some form or another. The brain just tends to fall back into its old pathways and it just testing you. It can be super frustrating as you've started to feel better and you begin to wonder if you're doing something wrong or missing something. But you're not. You're fine. This is just part of the process.

The most important thing is to know this; accept this; and not worry about. Don't try harder. In fact, stop worrying about trying to get better. Know that you are already better, even though there is pain. The pain is not important, it's just a passing phase that your brain is going through. Be patient, be kind, be calm and this too shall pass!

Best, Howard

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Re: Nerve Pain and Golf

by Avi Weisman -

Hi Matt / Dr. Schubiner

Sorry for the late reply, but I just read your posting and it resonated with me.  I too have the same nervy pain beside my hamstring, glute, and mid/lower back.  Had it for over a year.  It subsided for a while and I was feeling great. Decided it was a good time for me to start some very light workouts and core strengthening exercises.  I even went with a personal trainer that herself had back problems and serious back surgery.  Figured she would be sensitive to my predicament and take it slow.  Unfortunately after doing some exercises on weekend and after my session with her last night I have re-aggravated the same pain profile.  Trying to continually tell myself that there is nothing to fear, but it is definitely frustrating.  I don't think I did anything too strenuous and didn't use any weights, but the negative thoughts that I hurt something structurally are creeping back in.  Its a constant struggle.  Did your pain subside ? Did you continue golfing ? Any words of encouragement are useful.  I think I may shelve my exercise routine for now.  Not sure if my body or mind can handle it right now.

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Re: Nerve Pain and Golf

by Matt Bartnick -

I was pain free for about 10 days. Somewhere between the start of week three and week 4 of the program. I lifted heavy weights, played golf etc..No pain. About a week ago my low back locked up for 3 days then nerve pain in my leg for 3 days. And now, pain free again. It was just a test my brain presented me after getting back to my daily physical activities. I look at it like this, if i broke my wrist, my wrist would hurt for a 3 or 4 weeks and then heel and be fine right? I wouldn't break my wrist and have it hurt for a few days then all of a sudden my wrist would feel fine and then my shoulder would hurt for a few days. Injuries don't work like that. There's no logical reason to feel pain free, then have pain in a few different areas, then pain free again all within a week. It was quite the epiphany I had once I put it in those terms. Hope this helps you!