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Do I have TMS

Re: Do I have TMS

by claudine coghlan -
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Thanks so much for your reply. I just also finished the book think away your pain that my therapist recommended I read. I always just thought I had fibromyalgia since the symptoms fit but I have noticed it sounded very much like TMS . I have had so many weird symptoms over the years and nobody could help me. I have tried so many things from acupuncture, physical therapy, botox shots but not much helps but the botox a bit since it relaxes the muscle on the side and back of my head. I have a bit of a bad disc as I said on my neck but even when the disc was looking good the pain was really bad and the doctors just said it was myofacial pain. I had severe tmj jaw pain but the jaw was perfect till they gave me 2 cortisone shots which caused the disc to go out of place and flatten but the pain was even worse when it was perfect. I have dry eyes and mouth but no sjogrens . I have no ANA or sed rate of c reactive protein and blood tests look fine. I have pain in my SI joint after a fall but the MRI looks perfect. I get very worried and upset and I do focus on the pain. I have gotten better on vacation at times in the past. I am so sick of suffering for 20  years now. I am desperate. I am having a hard time not thinking of the pain since I do it for a few days and don't feel better and get discouraged. How much time does it take? There have been instances were a doctor said I had nothing wrong and the pain went away a day later but it always comes back. I don't keep things inside in fact I am very verbal about anything I am upset about as my husband says I have diarrhea of the mouth haha. 

 Would I go on this website and just start with a particular thing?