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Looking for some reassurance and help

Looking for some reassurance and help

by matt newman -
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A few years ago I hurt my back doctor said I herniated my l5 s1 and I had sciatic pain down both legs and around hips. This pain bothered and consumed me for almost two years as i was on the brink of surgery being a Howard stern fan I had heard of Dr. Sarno and decided to check it out. I realized I fit all the personality traits of one that would suffer from tms, believed it was tms and boom my back got better. I then realized I may have had tms even before the back pain. I had chronic sinus infections before the back injury that were unexplained by doctors and came once a month for about a year straight. I still get them here and there but not the same way. Anyways fast forward to 2016 about a year or more after fixing my back I was planning my wedding with my wife under a lot of stress and had the worst anxiety attack it was brutal it scared me so much it turned into a panic disorder and then depression. I went to a tms dr who confirmed to me it was tms and i talked to a tms therapist i felt much better after about a year or more of work but the anxiety never fully went away. I stopped treatment for a year and my therapist was ok with that because i was doing so well. Then about two months ago the anxiety and depression are back and the depression is bad it’s really getting the better of me. I am back at my therapist and I bought unlearn your anxiety and depression but I am struggling a little with the work book and am really having a hard time getting over it this time. Has anyone else been through this and gotten over depression using the tms recovery method? I fully believe it’s tms and am committed but am not seeing too much relief.

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Re: Looking for some reassurance and help

by Liam Black -

I did not have this, but I hope you can handle it. This is not a sentence, it requires a positive and will to live. Do yoga and communicate more with new people! Everything will be ok.