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Back At It

Back At It

by Matt Bartnick -
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I just wanted to share my experience today that really was a monumental step in my recovery. I'm currently on day 9 of the program and today has been by far my best day. I had been suffering with a large herniation in my low back accompanied with sciatic pain.  I have already had back surgery once and want nothing to do with another back surgery. This morning was the first day I woke up and had little to zero sciatic pain. I decided that today was they day I try something I haven't done in 4 months. Go hit some golf balls at the range. I am a competitive tournament golfer and my back pain has periodically taken my passion from me over the past 8-10 years. I admit i was very nervous but deep down I knew that I was healthy and that I would not injure myself. There was admittedly a little discomfort but nothing that I am worried about and when I was done with the 30 minute range session I walked out of there pain free. I still experience very slight nerve pain or very minor muscle spasms from time to time but nothing even close like the prior 4 months when it was really bad. Anyways, I was just a few days away from scheduling another back surgery when I stumbled upon this program and its been a life changer. I'm learning so much about me and my emotions and I can't wait to see what else the program has in store for me. I fully and completely accept myself and my body. 

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Re: Back At It

by Marion Webster -

Thank you Matt for sharing your experience. It means so much to hear how others are doing, their successes, their challenges...Thanks to this program and online YouTubes, Dr. Sarno's work about TMS, and etc.  so many of us are getting our lives back, and we are no longer alone with pain that we can't find answers for!

I had two terrible times with sciatica pre-TMS diagnosis . ( I remember once going on a trip via plane, spending the whole time in the aisles, walking, stretching and then upon arriving at the airport, immediately lying on the grubby floor to stretch and get some relief....nasty!)  I have not had it now in a couple years. I do various things to help myself and that area stay well, but truly the big change is how I do not react with fear and worry like I used to when symptoms show up. I continue to live my active life. Now I seem to have a flare up going on in my left knee and hip area - not bad by any means and I don't give it much attention. I I listen daily to our good doctor's meditations which are instilling into my mind that I am strong and healthy and I can stay calm , and watch symptoms getting worse, getting better, without fear of danger, etc. I love these meditations. In fact I sometimes have a brief refreshing nap with them, which is unusual for me, being also prone to a nervousness inside. 

I  have always loved competitive tennis and racket sports. I quit tennis a few years ago, in my early 60s (now I am 67) , as I was getting injuries. Then last year I gave pickle ball a go, which I was excited about. But I watched numerous injuries occur among other players, and I saw that I was overzealous on the court, instinctually chasing after shots as if I were still in my 30s playing tennis. . So my personal wisdom told me to accept my limits and let it go. I treasure my walks and more benign exercise habits! Then I learned about some ping pong, which I also have loved for years, going on near where I live. I went for the first time Monday and had a ball!!  My knee had been bothering me in its recent mild fashion.. But this I find very interesting: I enjoyed myself so much playing some quite competitive ping pong , that I had no pain in that knee / leg the whole time nor afterwards! 

Years ago I had a very similar experience: I had had chronic knee trouble for years, whereby standing at all was quite painful (my TMS symptoms have been traveling around my body for many year s  :((....., and when I got back to playing music , which is another joy in my life, I found I could stand indefinitely for hours!!

Now thanks to understanding that TMS is the real problem, I make efforts to do what I love, take care of myself gently as best I can on the lousy days, and do the recommended TMS RXs. I have more time now that I am not going to some medical appt or another every single day!

Blessings all, keep on keeping on, and Thank you Dr. Schubiner for providing this forum for us and for all you do!!