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Re: IBS....TMS

by Marion Webster -
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Thank you SO much for writing Cheryl,

I am inspired by your continuation of this program and the other self care things you do....I agree, we much not give up, and attention to TMS and its ways in our body/mind/spirits can only be helpful one way or another, I think.

I actually do not have much pain , so mine might technically not be IBS - I don't really care the name. The problem is overall chronic dysfunction - enough said. My functional medicine doctor is on a good trail I think, going for root cause on the physical level. But I know I have carried stress, buried emotions, in my belly area for most of my life, so treating my TMS in the various ways that have performed miracles with my more acute issues (pain in joints especially) , feels important to continue.

Wishing you and everyone here blessings of better and better health,