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by Marion Webster - Monday, 11 February 2019, 9:02 PM

Hello brave comrades :-)

I write this time with a question for any who have had success treating chronic IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), root cause TMS. I could use encouragement from any here who have succeeded using this program and Dr. Sarno's advice for TMS . I wrote earlier about how very much improved my health is , thanks to this program and Dr. Sarno's work. I have literally gotten a life that I never imagined , with hardly any pain, and much goodness in my life now. 

That being said, I have long accepted an extremely dysfunctional intestinal system , affirmed also by some conventional and holistic doctors over the years, who could not help. I have been taking an assortment of supplements for a long time to bring on necessary function. This is since age 30 - when , interestingly , my body suddenly went into a big 'stop functioning' crisis, when the emotional numbness I always lived with since childhood, began to lift, as I was getting therapy help for those years. Now I understand this bizarre physical reaction! My brain was doing its TMS darnedest to divert me from unearthing some painful emotional memories.  I am now 67.

I am currently going through some testing due to recent IBS flare ups that need attention...The testing prep itself  is difficult and discouraging, and I realize that going forward , it might behoove me to address this seriously with this program and TMS recovery plans! Daunting , given the number of years, and degree of longterm dysfunction - is it worth the effort? Will this even help? And yet, the aging process is not in my favor for this to even stay at a 'status quo'. So maybe it IS worth the effort!

Any advice, related experience is appreciated! Apologies for the somewhat unpleasant subject, but if TMS is the diagnosis, for some of us it manifests all over the body and its functions.  Thanks so very much,


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Re: IBS....TMS
by Howard Schubiner - Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 11:44 PM

It's hard for me to comment too much without more information, Marion. But if you're talking about a bowel prep, I know that won't hurt you. I've had that several times and if you need a test to make sure that there is nothing wrong, that is worth it for the peace of mind.

Then you can move forward with treatment in the TMS approach.

Make sense?

Best, Howard

Picture of Marion Webster
Re: IBS....TMS
by Marion Webster - Friday, 15 February 2019, 11:42 PM

Thank you for your reply, Dr. Schubiner. Actually yes, the prep is difficult, but worth it as you say. Something is wrong and has been for a long time. This test is examining things in a more extensive way, so there will be likely be useful information after it is done. But I still am convinced that the route cause is TMS , so I think I need to get more fully back on the program to address the chronic TMS in this area. 

I think I have heard on YouTubes and read in Dr. Sarno's books that IBS is typically a TMS issue, therefore using TMS treatments would be indicated. I thought maybe someone here might have had some success with that issue. But I think my story might be a little daunting, just the topic itself, and also not real clear , as you said.

Your and Dr. Sarno's programs have helped me SO much with less chronic, but still difficult pain issues, that I plan to proceed again with focus and determination on this issue.

Thank you again for all you do for so many of us!


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Re: IBS....TMS
by Cheryl H - Saturday, 16 February 2019, 2:04 PM

Hi Marion,

IBS is my TMS. I too have almost constant abdominal pain for about 7 years now, and here and there throughout my adult life. I am about your age now (good to know I’m not the only senior)It has been diagnosed as IBS, chronic stomach pain, and most recently visceral neuropathy. I’ve had all the texts and they show nothing. I have taken probably all the conventional medications for this with no relief.

I hesitated to answer you, not because it is an unpleasant subject but because I am still struggling with it. For at least the last five years I have been treating it as TMS, and have been seeing a TMS therapist with FaceTime for over 4. I did have success with Dr. Schubiner’s program before starting therapy and was pain free for about 3 months but then BANG, it was back. 

I never suffered a big trauma and had a normal childhood. But I am a highly sensitive person, introverted, and tend to be anxious. It is like my fight or flight switch was turned on and I can’t turn it off! I now meditate, do easy yoga, am constantly reading anything new on mind body medicine and practice self compassion. I can say that I handle the pain better( I used to go in complete panic when it got really bad). I am still working on ways to change neural pathways and have periods of relief which I am grateful for. 

I hope your test went well and hope you go on with the TMS path. Please keep us updated and I’m here anytime you want to “talk.” I’m NOT giving up despite the long duration and my age and I hope you don’t either. I have no doubt I have TMS but I do get discouraged and wonder at times if it is possible to get better after all these years or if I can indeed really make new pathways in my brain and quiet down the pain signals. 


Picture of Marion Webster
Re: IBS....TMS
by Marion Webster - Thursday, 21 February 2019, 7:07 PM

Thank you SO much for writing Cheryl,

I am inspired by your continuation of this program and the other self care things you do....I agree, we much not give up, and attention to TMS and its ways in our body/mind/spirits can only be helpful one way or another, I think.

I actually do not have much pain , so mine might technically not be IBS - I don't really care the name. The problem is overall chronic dysfunction - enough said. My functional medicine doctor is on a good trail I think, going for root cause on the physical level. But I know I have carried stress, buried emotions, in my belly area for most of my life, so treating my TMS in the various ways that have performed miracles with my more acute issues (pain in joints especially) , feels important to continue.

Wishing you and everyone here blessings of better and better health,