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TMS /MBS and Sleep Disturbance

Re: TMS /MBS and Sleep Disturbance

by brian harrington -
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Thank you, Doctor. I have the book.

What is really frustrating about this is that, maybe once a month, I’ll get really good quality sleep and then feel the next day, like a different human being, work, relationships, everything 

Many other days it’s maybe 3 hrs of sleep then up for 15 minutes, another hour of light sleep, then up, and so on, then going to work like a zombie the next day, feeling as if I’m in a total fog

This has been going on for ca 7 hrs and has led to significant weight gain (despite work outs and calorie restriction), anxiety, and depressive symptoms. 

I take Remeron for sleep and thus has helped somewhat, but I have not yet turned the corner on sleep, and it feels as though my health is collapsing.