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Hello from a newbie with a tingling face!

Hello from a newbie with a tingling face!

by Megan Tucker -
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Hi Everyone. I signed up to the Mind Body program recently after reading "unlearn your pain". Im a member over on the Tms Wiki and had begun reading Sarno's Mind Body Prescription but struggled to connect with it fully because of the large emphasis on back pain/pain in general. This program however really resonates with me because there seems to be a wider view of symptom types.

My main symptom is tingling and burning on the left side of my face. This began almost 2 years ago after the most stressful year of my life. The tingling is 24/7 and goes up and down in intensity throughout the day as well as moving around the side of my face and is sometimes present in my mouth. When it began initially I freaked out and endured a few months of extreme anxiety and panic attacks whilst going from doctor to doctor to get to the bottom of it. I had convinced myself I had MS or something. Thankfully all tests were clear and the general consensus was either "its stress" or "your completely healthy. We don't know what's wrong with you".

Initially once I was cleared of anything nasty, there was a dip in my symptoms but I was still convinced there was something structural going on so I saw chiropractors and osteopaths who worked on my neck and jaw (as they suspected nerve impingement) to no avail. It wasn't until may last year that I began to really consider that the root cause of my symptoms was stress and repressed emotions. 

I have the classic MBS/TMS profile, Perfectionism, Stoicism, People pleasing etc etc. I had a difficult childhood and teenage experience which made me a very anxious adult. Then more recently I have been dealing with infertility and infertility/IVF treatments (I’m 33 and my husband and I have been trying to have a family since we were 24). 

Ive had various MBS symptoms my whole life (I can see that now on reflection) but it wasn’t until our first year of unsuccessful fertility/IVF treatments in 2016/17 that the facial tingling etc began and became chronic. I met with an IVF counsellor who I opened up to about how depressed and anxious I was as well as the tingling and she told me that it definitely sounded “psychosomatic” and that she wasn’t at all surprised considering what I had been through. It was that conversation that led me to seek a therapist and begin working on my anxiety, which then led me to Sarno’s work and now to this website and program.

I did my first 25 minute jog today followed by the meditation. As I type now my face is really burning but I am hopeful. In the 7 months I have been working on my anxiety issues I have seen slow and steady improvements in my mental health and feel much calmer. Some of the more “acute” MBS symptoms that came along with the massive spike in my anxiety after that year of IVF treatment have subsided but this facial symptom has yet to change. Im just so glad this sort of information is out there. I dread to think what sort of state I would be in without it. Its such a comfort to know I can heal with time. So thank you Howard Schubiner!

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Re: Hello from a newbie with a tingling face!

by Howard Schubiner -

Thanks for writing, Megan.

Know that you are fine and there is nothing wrong with you!

Don't be afraid of the pain or of the emotions that come up when you write. They can't hurt you and will help you. Remind your brain that you are safe and not in danger; over and over. Breathe and separate from the pain, even when it's bad. You are training your brain out of danger!

Let us know how we can help.

Best, Howard

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Re: Hello from a newbie with a tingling face!

by Liam Black -

Ignore this pain and do yoga.

There is also an interesting psychological approach to instilling that this is a problem for everyone. In time, if you succeed, you start ignoring it.