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Just like that!

Just like that!

by Mark Heidt -
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Shout out to Joe Rogan and his podcast for introducing me to Dr. Weil who introduced me to Dr. Sarno. I'm stunned at how fast my lower back pain is disappearing.

I've been dealing with it for years.

More than 12 years ago I started having chronic shoulder pain. Severe and recurring spasms. The third chiropractor I saw instructed me to do rowing exercises, which eliminated the pain immediately. "Strengthen the muscles back there" is what I was told. Now I believe this was a placebo effect.

Some time after that, maybe ten years ago I started having lower back pain. "Just strengthen the muscles back there!" I told myself. Well, I tried every conceivable back/core/hip strengthening exercise I could find. Nothing worked.

At least three times I had SEVERE spasms in my lower back right before the Christmas holidays. The first two times I needed months to recover and then was pretty good. The last time (Christmas 2017) I never really recovered, the pain lasted throughout the year (until yesterday).

Then came the Joe Rogan podcast. Supposedly many people were cured of their pain simply by listening to Dr. Sarno's lectures. I filed this bit of information in the back of my (split) mind. Looking back on it, I'm surprised my subconscious didn't mount some kind of inner-cranial terrorist attack to destroy this bit of information!

So, last Sunday, three days ago, I was walking with my family. Just a 3 mile walk over even terrain. Nothing major. I can walk long and fast. I cycle long distances. I'm in good shape. But by the end of that walk I was in pain. I'd put it at an 9 out of 10 relative to past occurences. I got home and just took a nap. "Let me re-listen to that podcast" I told myself. So I did. Then I downloaded Sarno's book "Mind Body Connection" and started reading right away. I felt better already that evening! I continued reading Monday morning in the train and last night. At this point my lower back feels about 95% better, better than it's felt in YEARS! And my devious subconscious WILL release the last bits of tension in my back. And it will NOT give me ulcers or shoulder pain or any other bullshit. The charade is over.

The funny thing about it: I don't even want to tell my wife. How to explain? "Oh honey, I have been harboring subconscious anger at you? the kids? the universe? and my brain was distracting me with lower back pain?" LOL not likely.

Thanks Dr. Sarno, Dr. Weil, and Joe. You guys rock


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Re: Just like that!

by Dianna Cunningham -

Mark it’s so fantastic that you’ve realized an incredible healing in such a very short time. That is so exciting to hear.

And you’re right! It’s really hard to explain this all to your spouse. My husband has always thought the whole thing was nutty but then has now finally realized that it’s all completely true. But it’s taken many years of me explaining it over and over again.

What was helpful for him was watching Dr. Schubiner’s videos. He really related to Dr. Schubiner’s style of explaining it all.

It’s amazing that even though Dr. Sarno has passed away, he continues to inspire and heal others.

Blessings to you as you continue your healing journey. We’re all with you!


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Re: Just like that!

by Howard Schubiner -

Thanks for writing!

I thank Dr. Sarno for his work almost every day. He inspired me and many others!!

Best, Howard