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Trouble Breaking The Cycle

Re: Trouble Breaking The Cycle

by Chana Kaminker -
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Hi Avi,

So glad my thoughts were helpful to you.

I certainly recommend Pilates (how can't I).  I am fully certified in Stott Pilates which has many modifications making it suitable for most people.  

However, I also incorporate mindfulness into my teaching and always encourage my students to be in touch with themselves and their bodies and to do as much as their body allows without pain and if there is pain to not fear it but to investigate it.  I constantly remind them that there is always a way to move without pain and encourage them constantly of how capable they are.  Basically, I use many of my TMS tools with them.

I suggest that you find an instructor you click with but keep those things I mentioned in mind and you will prove to yourself that you can move your body without pain and that you are doing something good and healthy for yourself.

Yes, I have lived in Israel for 27 years (more than half my life).  I was born and raised in Canada.

All the best.