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Are Skin sensitivity and/or allergy mind body??

Are Skin sensitivity and/or allergy mind body??

by Kathie K. -
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Hi Dr. Schubiner,

I'm wondering if increased skin sensitivity or newly developed skin allergies can be a mind body issue...i have three skin issues right now:

  1. I've had some recurring bumps/pimples on my scalp that several dermatologists have been unable to help me eradicate after numerous approaches.
  2. I've been getting my hair colored at the salon for over 10 years and in the past year or so, a couple of times my scalp is more itchy and slightly tingling during and after the coloring, with some dermatitis bumps at times. Most of the time it's just fine, so that's why i'm wondering if suppressed emotions could make my skin more sensitive at certain times. (I use a non-ammonia version, so it's not as harsh as the standard dye.)
  3. The other issue is that I'm experiencing itchy skin in spots where elastic hits my skin from clothes. I've had itchier skin in the winter but in the past it would be okay as long as I kept enough lotion on it. This winter I've noticed the itch is more specific to where the elastic is.

I've had a number of TMS joint pain and migraine issues over the years and have successfully overcome them. What's interesting is that these past 6 months I've been under a lot of work stress and stage of life stress and have thought a couple of times, boy I'm surprised I'm not experiencing any TMS pain type of issues from all these intense issues. 

But now I have skin it makes me wonder if my brain has found a new site on my body to distract me with? The bumps and itch are incredibly distracting and consuming of my attention.

Your thoughts? Or has anyone else had skin or allergy issues that were resolved with a mind body approach?

Thanks so much,


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Re: Are Skin sensitivity and/or allergy mind body??

by Cheryl H -


This quote from Dr. Sarno may be of help: “The skin is a great area that the brain uses to create symptoms.”


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Re: Are Skin sensitivity and/or allergy mind body??

by Howard Schubiner -

I agree with Cheryl.

Itchiness is a very common mind body symptom. Feel free to use skin cream to deal with any dry skin, of course, especially in the winter.

But try to treat these sensations as you would a mosquito bite: just know that it feels annoying, but if you leave it alone and ignore it, it will go away.

Best, Howard

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Re: Are Skin sensitivity and/or allergy mind body??

by Stella Polaris -

Hi Kathie,

during the two years that TMS had a grip on me, I had rashes in my face, both on the sides and around the mouth. During the cold winter months, it was so bad that I had to use cortisone every day. I didn't connect it to my leg pains at first, and I was quite surprised that Dr Sarno mentioned it as a TMS symptom. I didn't really believe it, either, because I had neurodermitis as a baby and have an atopic disposition. But it vanished with the rest when I got better and still hasn't returned.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery