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Advice on reprogramming the mind

Re: Advice on reprogramming the mind

by Dianna Cunningham -
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Cheryl H fantastic to see you posting on here again. I think it’s really hard to get your brain to acknowledge things like tms when it’s been in command for so long. Practicing compassion was my hardest lesson. I have it for others but not for me. I learned it though because after looking at everything objectively I realized I had a lot of trauma in my life. And I simply had to acknowledge that I was hurting emotionally which I didn’t want to do because I wanted to deny it. I actually embraced myself and my pain. Not easy for me but I did do it.

You’re right about the holidays. They can be so stressful. I quit having any expectations about anything and I let it go. It’s really helped me enjoy the things I can and forget the rest! I have a lot of dysfunction in my family and I don’t expect anyone to do anything at all. It’s awesome. 

Have a great holiday season everyone!!