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Narcissistic parents

Narcissistic parents

by Cathy Armet -
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Hi there, I just wanted to share what I am dealing with, that has become apparent to me since starting this course a couple of months ago. The depression I have struggled with over about 3 decades, on and off, and the chronic pain I have since a car accident 2 years ago, I believe has at least some roots in the realisation that I have narcissistic parents. This is what has been coming up in my meditations, reflections, writing exercises and conversations with a therapist. I didn't know about narcissistic abuse until recently researching it online and it absolutely fits what I have been dealing with for years. It has been very illuminating coming to this realization, and liberating and has also improved my pain levels. However it is at the same time a very emotionally difficult thing to be dealing with. I am now taking steps to educate myself and do some inner work on this topic, alongside continuing with this course. I am grateful for this course for being the catalyst to becoming aware of this. 

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Re: Narcissistic parents

by Howard Schubiner -

Thanks for writing, Cathy.

This program often sheds light on so many issues and helps us understand how we go to where we are at in our lives.

In your case, there have been several losses: not only the loss of affection and safety as a child, but now the loss of the image you have carried of your parents. That is very sad and I'm sorry for you.

Many people in this program have been through this very problem and have survived and thrived. You will too. However, one thing you will need to do is to learn to be a caring, nurturing presence for yourself. Self-compassion will be an important part of your healing journey.

But now you know where you need to go.

Let us help along the way.

Best, Howard