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How do I stop waking up early in the morning?

How do I stop waking up early in the morning?

by Cathy Armet -
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Hi there, Firstly I just want to say how helpful I'm finding the course, so thank you Dr Schubiner. I have a question. I wake early every morning at roughly the same time. I need to go to the bathroom, then I return to bed and it takes me some time to to get back to sleep as I'm aware of the pain in my neck and back and my mind is racing, often with emotional thoughts. After reading Dr Sarno's book The Mind Body Prescription I realise this is probably a TMS symptom.  I'm wondering if anyone can offer advice on how to sleep through the night. I'm working through the Mind Body Program during  the day, doing meditations, scanning, some of the writing, etc. and I'm also trying to get to bed at a decent time, without screens, etc. The good news is I'm able to fall asleep more easily which I was previously struggling with. But now it's just the waking up and not getting back to sleep problem. Any advice welcome! Thank you, Cathy

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Re: How do I stop waking up early in the morning?

by Ben Page -

I too have been wakeing up early where I just lay there feeling my MBS pains and anxiety coming on and get stronger I have had sleeping issues for the last 30 years since starting the program 3 years ago my sleep has improved my waking up early comes and goes in an unpredictable cycles feeling different each time just like my anxiety. Because I know this will change it gives me some comfort and each time a little easier I have found using some of my favorite meditations I have used before will help sometimes I will fall back a sleep or I will just lay there in a more relaxed state there are apps for mediation’s or even UTube has sleep meditations or body scans for nothing your pains and feeling. Sometimes I just get up early when nothing works and get my self busy and will sleep better the next night. I hope some other will reply because it is different for everyone. It’s nice to know we are not alone it is getting better everyday. It’s does help if you tell yourself or even write it down what time you will sleep till when started this It does not work all the time but it give you a goal and when you make it to the time it feels good. Would love to here what others are doing when they wake up or how to get enough sleep.  Thanks to Dr S he has changed my life to where I am loving it.

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Re: How do I stop waking up early in the morning?

by Dianna Cunningham -

I have been doing the program for about three years as well and what I have found is the reason we wake up early and we have pain is because when we are sleeping guess who is in charge? The subconscious mind. And guess what causes the pain? You got it. The subconscious mind. It’s all related to fear. So the best thing for me is to ask myself why am I scared? Then I take a deep breath and I simply surrender. Meditating is great but I actually make my mind do something super boring. I actually count backwards from 100 and I picture myself drawing the numbers on a chalkboard and eventually I fall asleep. Everyone is different so what works for me may not work for someone else.

I’m always looking for the boogeyman so telling myself I’m really okay and safe is really hard. I have been doing this so long that I’m to the point I just don’t care about any pain anymore. I never thought I’d get there but I have and you can too! It’s all about the reign of pain is in the brain!!

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Re: How do I stop waking up early in the morning?

by Howard Schubiner -

Good thoughts everyone!!

In addition to going to bed early enough, I suggest a few things before you go to bed:

1. Write down a few things on a piece of paper that are on your mind that day. Then at the bottom, write: I'll deal with these in the morning at 7 or 8 am (or whatever time you choose).

2. Tell your brain that you don't need to wake up too early, but that you will start sleeping until your desired time. 

If and when you do wake up very early, just tell yourself that you know that this is just a habit and that you will change it over time. Don't be mad or upset. Just lie there and rest, watching your breath, and being grateful that you are alive and well and on the road to recovery. When scary or emotional thoughts come, just notice them and say to your brain: "Thanks for your opinion. Next thought please." That way you are not getting wrapped up in thoughts, but noticing them without reacting to them, allowing your brain to think whatever thoughts it wants to. It will learn to calm as you do this.

Best, Howard

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Re: How do I stop waking up early in the morning?

by Cathy Armet -

Thank you so much, Howard and others, for taking the time to reply. Your suggestions are really helpful and I will put them into practice. I especially like the idea about writing down things on my mind and that I need to do on a piece of paper at the end of the day and writing that I will deal with them the next day. Best wishes, Cathy

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Re: How do I stop waking up early in the morning?

by Victor Dan -


Sleep is a very sensitive subject. From my personal experience, I found that eating sugary food or chocolate before going to sleep is important. Sleep is influenced by your state of mind of course, and the levels of sugar in the blood.

Whenever you wake up, the body is checking the sugar levels and then decides to continue the sleep or to stay awake and get some new carbs.

It`s somehow equal with the emotional state and thoughts.

I think foods like chocolate, ice cream and cream based sweets are not flatulent and do not ferment during the night. Stay away from bread and fruits, they tend to ferment fast.

I stopped running after 6.00 o`clock. Whenever i arrived with pain after training, my sleep was good with ice cream or chocolate. or both. And sometimes, an aspirin is good for pain.

In this way, if i ever woke up, i could go back to sleep because my body was relaxed and had the energy deposits in standby.