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After Great Success I feel I am back at the beginning

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After Great Success I feel I am back at the beginning
by Saoirse C. - Tuesday, 12 June 2018, 12:03 AM

hiking through TMS/MBSHi all, I have been away from doing my TMS and mindfulness as I had such amazing success and it has crept back like a dose. I worked really hard last year every night and put in the work during the day with affirmations and self talk . I saw an incredible change with this program and Doctor Schuibner's and reaaly felt the best in years. I was weight lifting with 4 screws in a broken back and doing stuff I never dreamed of. I reduced my drugs by 50% and I flew 13 hours to see my sister in Texas . I had not been there in 20 years as I could not sit for an length of time .I WAS SO GOOD I DID'T NEED PAIN KILLERS ON THE FLIGHT. But then in February I got a bad case of Vertigo and couldn't weight lift and as I had been feeling so good I had'nt done any TMS or mediating I was just living my life. In March my back started up again with gusto , my frequent urination sky rocketed to 30 plus times a day , IBS , grinding and sever anxiety(I suffer from General Anxiety disorder). All my confidence has gone and I am in pain all day but the anxiety is so dreadful I have to take Xanax to work as I panic and now I am starting the menopause its all so overwhelming. I am so tired of it all . I am sitting here tonight because my husband Conor has seen pestering me to start up and we both now see how TMS has been manipulating me to avoid doing the work and starting for weeks.First My printer was not working, then my study was a mess, then I was too tired, too sore , too anxious honestly that mind is so crafty . I started back weight lifing three weeks ago twice a week for 90 mins with my physio and I am lifting 95kg easily again which has given me such confidence and got me on track . I started hiking (see pic) I live in the most beautiful part of Ireland surrounded by green rolling hills and clean air and hig mountains so I am puffing and its hard but I am out on the hills with Conor. And I AM SITTING HERE AND I AM STARTING THE WORK AGAIN. It works and its life changing but I feel low and could do with a metaphorical arm around the shoulder . Do I just start at the beginning? any advice really appreciated

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Re: After Great Success I feel I am back at the beginning
by Dianna Cunningham - Tuesday, 12 June 2018, 2:39 AM

Maybe just start meditating again and check in with yourself to see how you really feel. Emotions sure are at the root of it all. You don’t have to start at the beginning unless you want to. The fact that you’ve had great success means you can do it again. TMS wants to be the big damn boss so kick butt and take names! Find out what you fear the most in your mind and/or why you may be angry and write it out or cry it out. 

You can do it!!!!

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Re: After Great Success I feel I am back at the beginning
by Lor Prudhomme - Sunday, 14 October 2018, 7:20 PM

Hi Saoirse,

I just read your post and it connected with me.  I am working the program and see how our mind finds different and the same ways to trick us.  

I read somewhere that it doesn't take a day off nor should we.  It sounds like you know what you need to be doing, the physical part for me too helps tremendously...I use Howard's words of being open, accepting and kind, and when I am moving my body (either outdoors or at my local gym) I remind myself of his other suggestion of being happy, kind, and grateful...

I appreciate so much you sharing, it helps me in knowing we are similar and all need help and encouragement...