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What is Mind Body Syndrome? Part I

#2—What is Mind Body Syndrome?  Part I.
June 3, 2008

It is important to realize that Mind Body Syndrome is not a new diagnosis.  When Dr. Sarno described Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) in the 1970’s, he created a new name for a syndrome that has actually been known for hundreds of years.  I agree with Dr. Sarno that we do need a name for this syndrome (and I will explain why in future blogs).  However, when you look at the history of medicine you will find many examples of MBS.  I highly recommend the book by the University of Toronto historian, Edward Shorter, From Paralysis to Fatigue: A History of Psychosomatic Medicine.  Dr. Shorter uses the term psychosomatic, which is commonly used in medicine, but a term that I do not prefer to use because it has a connotation of being unkind to the patients, implying that they are somehow less than normal, or somewhat “crazy.”  As I often say, I know that people with MBS are not crazy because I have MBS and I know I’m not crazy.

In any case, the reason people get MBS, or physical (or psychological symptoms) due to emotions which are often unconscious, is that they are human.  They have a human brain that processes emotions in certain ways and they have human existences that often cause great stress in our lives.  That is why there has always been MBS and there will always be MBS.  However, the type of symptoms that the brain creates in our bodies does change over time. Continue reading