Three new movies you need to know about

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There are three movies that you should know about. While the concept that the mind can affect the body in powerful ways is not really new, it has been forgotten in modern medical practice.

A film called The Connection has just been produced. It is a general film about the mind body connection and covers a variety of health areas. It primarily focuses on meditation as a healing force. You can find a link to it at:

A second film is a documentary about the work of Dr. John Sarno. Dr. Sarno is my mentor and introduced me to the role that the mind plays in chronic pain and associated disorders. He retired last year at the age of 90 and has written several influential books that have helped thousands recover from chronic pain. This film is still in production and the producer (Michael Galinsky) has started a fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter to obtain the funds to finish the movie. It is vitally important that these concepts (of how the mind can actually create and cure pain) get out to the public. There are millions of people suffering with chronic pain who have no idea that they can recover.

Please consider donating some money to this film, which is called All The Rage. You can find the trailer and the site for donations here:

Finally, a film is being produced that is called This Might Hurt by Kent Bassett and Marion Cunningham that follows several people going through the process of becoming aware that their pain is, in fact, caused by the mind and working on their recovery process. You will hear more about this in the future.

For now, consider donating some money to help All The Rage get funded and get out into the world.

To donate, go to:

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Four questions that can help determine the cause of chronic pain

Hi friends.  I just published a new blog on the Psychology Today website.  The blogs describes my general approach to figuring out if someone has a medical problem or a neural pathway problem as the cause of their pain.
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Back surgery: Caution is in order

Please check out my latest blog posted on the Psychology Today website:
Recent evidence suggests that expecting a cure for chronic back pain with back surgery is probably “wishful thinking.”
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Howard Schubiner, MD