MBS Blog #30–Long time, no hear: Recent events regarding MBS

It has been a very long time since I posted on this blog site.  I apologize to anyone who has been missing these posts.

A number of amazing things have happened so far this year in our corner of medical practice that I tend to refer to as Mind Body Syndrome.

One momentous event in my life was that my book, Unlearn Your Pain, was published.  After two years of work, I was thrilled to see the book in print.  You can read the first chapter on my website or on the amazon.com website, where it is available for purchase.  Since I published it myself, it will not be available in stores unless it gets picked up by a distributor.  To date, the reviews have been pretty positive.  I tried very hard to create a book that would explain the scientific validation of Mind Body Syndrome in terms that anyone could understand, but would also be convincing to the discerning physician or therapist.  This journey through the neurology and the psychology of pain make up the first 4 chapters.  The fifth chapter contains the complete version of the interview process that I have developed over the past several years.  I attempted to duplicate the experience of seeing me for an extended office visit.  I hope it will allow people who suffer from MBS to recognize the connections between their life events and the onset of MBS symptoms.  Chapters 6-10 consist of the whole intervention program that I’ve developed and that I teach in small group settings at Providence Hospital, in the Detroit area.  Finally, there is a concluding chapter and a set of frequently asked questions.

I would deeply appreciate feedback on any aspect of the book.  Please feel free to email me if you have comments, suggestions, or criticisms!!

Another momentous event occurred at the end of March.  We held our second annual conference on Mind Body Medicine on the UCLA campus in sunny Los Angeles.  We had almost 200 people there, which was a huge increase from our first conference in Ann Arbor, where we had about 50 people.  We were thrilled with the response and a distinguished panel of speakers spoke on MBS (we often used TMS).  You can learn more about the conference at the TMS Wiki that we’ve set up.   See tmswiki.wetpaint.com for all of the details on the conference and videos of many of the presentations, including some that I did.  We hope to have more conferences in the future, as well as training opportunities for physicians and therapists.

Finally, today was a new experience for me.  I was on a live national radio show.  Along with Dr. David Clarke (his book is entitled, “They Can’t Find Anything Wrong”), we were interviewed by Rosie and took a few calls from her listeners.  Rosie’s show is on Sirius/XM radio and it is a hopeful sign that the message we represent appears to be more likely to be accepted by the general public.  Our message is simple: Real pain and other symptoms are commonly caused by stress and emotional reactions to stress.  When a medical workup reveals no significant underlying medical disease, it is likely that Mind Body Syndrome is the real culprit.  Treating MBS is usually not that difficult once the true nature of the symptoms are discovered.  This message is not new.  Ovid said it over 2,000 years ago: “When the mind is ill at east, the body is affected.”  However, this message is revolutionary for our era because modern medicine has a large blind spot by ignoring the powerful role the mind has on the body.

To your health,

Howard Schubiner, MD

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